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Most glass, while clear, has a green or blue tint to it. The tint and clarity of a pane of glass are greatly affected by the sand used to create it, specifically, where the sand was cultivated and how much iron and phosphorus the sand contains. Starphire Super Clear Low Iron Glass is a high-quality glass product known for its superior clarity and transparency and is almost colourless thanks to its specialized manufacturing process, which removes the majority of iron from glass. Starphire Super Clear Low Iron Glass offers maximum visibility, allowing the true colours, aesthetics, and design of any interior space to be displayed to their full capacity.


Any glass surface has an imperfect surface that can attract a build-up of products, soap, dust, and other particles. The Invisible Shield 15-Year Glass Protection is a specially formulated protective coating that creates a strong, durable barrier that helps prevent chips, scratches, and other common forms of glass damage. Invisible Shield 15-Year Glass Protection is applied through a specialized process, resulting in a protective nano-scale coating that seals the surface of the glass without any visible seams. The system ensures that particles cannot bond to the glass, making it easier to clean and maintain without the need for any special or harsh cleaning solutions.


Glass, when broken, can pose a serious danger. Fleurco Sekur Shatterproof Protective Film is designed to prevent the glass from shattering on impact. A film made from a high-quality, strong polyester material is applied to the surface of the glass and will hold the glass together when broken. While the glass will break, it will not shatter and potentially cause damage or injury. In addition to added safety, Fleurco Sekur Shatterproof Protective Film helps ensure the durability and overall performance of glass with improved resistance to scratches, chips, and other damage.

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