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For some answers to questions we are frequently asked about bathroom shower door and glass railing installation, we have compiled this list of FAQs and explanations.
If you need any further assistance with your installation, please get in touch with us. Our expert team is standing by to help ensure your installation is successful.

Is it easy to install the shower enclosure myself?

Standard framed showers are reasonably easy to install for do-it-yourselfers. We recommend a professional installer for custom-made framed or frameless showers.

What is the cost of a bathroom shower door or glass railing installation?

To ensure the perfect fit and expert installation, accurate measurements, some skill and experience are advised. Even a clean silicone finish requires years of experience to perfect. Labour accounts for a relatively small portion of the overall cost.

What products does Shower Door of Canada install?

We do bathroom shower door and enclosure installations, mirror walls and doors, specialty glass entrance systems and also and staircase and glass railing installations.

How are hinges, frames or channels secured to the wall?

Hardware is drilled and screwed into the tile or marble wall.

How are frameless glass panels secured and sealed?

Most panels are secured with mildew-resistant clear silicone. Anodized aluminum "U" channels and clips are utilized to secure panels where appropriate.

What is the length of time to supply and install from time of measurement?

Standard doors take approximately 3 - 10 days, depending on scheduling. Custom enclosures take 14-21 days, including the 2 week tempering process. Mirror walls take 3-7 days; Mirror Doors take 7-10 days.

How long does it take to install a custom-made enclosure?

An average installation takes approximately 1-2 hrs with one or two installers.

What geographical area does Shower Door of Canada install in?

Toronto, Canada & the Golden Horseshoe account for most of our work. We go East to Kingston, West to Niagara Falls, Kitchener, London and Windsor Ontario. North to Huntsville, Parry Sound, Muskoka and the Kawarthas.

Can you recommend installers outside of your home area?

Through our glass association membership, we maintain a roster of qualified glaziers and installers for various areas across Canada & the U.S.

Do you ship out of Province and to the United States?

We regularly ship products to the Caribbean, U.S., and across Canada.

Are your installers bonded and insured?

Our installers are fully bonded and carry workers' compensation insurance.

What is your product warranty?

We provide a minimum parts and labour warranty. Product warranty varies by vendor but is usually a 5 – 10 year limited warranty.

Can I do my own glass railing installation?

When it comes to a glass railing installation, we recommend that you trust the experts at Shower Door of Canada to do the installation for you. Our knowledgeable and skilled team has the expertise to ensure that your glass railing installation is done perfectly with great attention to detail, precision, and safety factors. We also have knowledge of local building codes to ensure your installation complies with regulations.

A Handy Guide to Preparing For a Bathroom Shower Door Installation

Preparation Guide

If you are going the DIY route, here are some handy tips to ensure a successful bathroom shower door installation:

At Shower Door of Canada, we are committed to providing you with premium-quality products, flawless installations, and excellent customer service. Contact us today to request a quote for all your bathroom shower door and glass railing installations.

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