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Our Most Popular Designs

Here are our most popular designs shown hinged left or hinged right in each case. We have shown a random selection of hinge type on each drawing. Your actual choice of a wall mount, glass-to-glass, or top and bottom pivot style hinge may vary. We have shown these illustrations only so that it may help you relate one of them to the unit you are designing.

Side Mounted Hinges

Single Door, Hinged Left or Right

Top & Bottom Pivot Hinges

Door with Inline Panel, Hinged Left or Right

Side Mount Hinges

Door with Inline Panel and 90° Return, Hinged Left

Side Mount Hinges

Door with Notched Inline Panel and 90° Return, Hinged Left

Side Mount Hinges

Single Door with Moveable Transom, Hinged Left

Side Mount Hinges

Neo Angle Unit, Hinged Left

Top & Bottom Pivot Hinges

Neo Angle Unit, Hinged Right

Questions to consider before designing an enclosure

Have you measured all the dimensions and drawn a sketch of your bathroom and shower configuration?

This really helps us in providing you with the most appropriate solution for your bathroom needs. Need help? Visit our measuring section with handy templates.

What style of shower configuration are you considering?
  1. Shower Enclosure
  2. Bathtub Enclosure
  3. Steam Enclosure
Is there sufficient (greater than the door size) unused floor space in front of the shower to swing the door outward?
Will the door swing open from the left or the right side?
Is the tub or shower threshold sloped slightly in towards the drain so that water does not collect in these areas?

This applies to seats or shelves too.

Where will the plumbing fixtures be located in relation to the door of your enclosure?
What glass type is preferred?

Clear, opaque or a sandblasted design?

What colour hardware would you desire?

Brass, Chrome, White, Other?

Is there a place to hang a towel within 12" (300mm) of the shower?
How long does it take to receive my order once I have provided final measurements and deposit?

It takes a couple of weeks to get the glass so be sure to get the measurements right, prior to ordering. Remember it is not possible to cut tempered glass if it is inaccurately cut the first time. A mistake in measurement will set you back at least 2 weeks and increase costs of both labour and materials significantly.

Standard doors take approximately 3 to 10 days depending on scheduling. Custom enclosures take 14 to 21 days including the 2 week tempering process.

For more information and personal attention:

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