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"The most important aspect of successfully installing a shower enclosure is the accurate measurement of that opening. Even the best artisans will be unable to install an inaccurately measured shower enclosure, particularly if it is a frameless shower."
Is the tile, marble or other covering completely installed?

Anxious to get the job done? Cutting corners by ordering prior to the completion of tiling is the single biggest error both contractors and do it yourselfers commit. This applies particularly to frameless enclosures.

How accurate does the measurement have to be to place an order?

Framed enclosures - within 1/4" accuracy

Frameless enclosures - within 1/16" accuracy

Note: To receive a free estimate this level of accuracy is not required.

What measurements are needed?

Using a tape measure and level take complete and thorough measurements no matter how insignificant they seem. It is better to provide more information, rather than miss a measurement.


Door Opening Bottom 27"
Left Wall is Plumb
Right Wall is out of plumb 1/4"
Therefore: Width Measurement at Top must be 27¼"

Other things to consider

Measurement Templates

Zoom in and print any of these templates to more easily record your measurements.

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