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Shower Door Company of Canada has been catering to the residential and commercial construction industry for over 50 years.

The company carved out a niche in the marketplace by becoming specialists in the glass business. For close to half a century, builders and homeowners have sought out the expertise of Shower Door of Canada in designing undersized and oversized shower doors, angled glass panels, and steam enclosures.

In 1985, Shower Door of Canada became one of the first companies in North America to install frameless glass shower doors, which have now become commonplace across North America. With hardware originally imported from Europe and tempered glass shipped from Quebec, our installers broke new ground in an industry long accustomed to the use of extruded aluminum frames in the bathroom.

Today, the company's product selection includes: standard shower doors and enclosures from leading manufacturers; custom fabricated framed shower systems and frameless shower enclosures with the latest hardware and tempered glass. Additionally, the company supplies and installs mirror walls, glass entry systems, staircases, and tabletops.

Shower Door of Canada is proud of our record of accomplishments. We work with the best in the industry and strive every day to remain the best. That being said, there are always surprises on job sites. When things do not work out 100% as planned, it is good to know that there is policy at work to ensure that the job will be completed effectively and efficiently.


Sam Collins founded Shower Door of Canada in the early 1960's as a manufacturer of custom shower doors, catering to the exclusive tastes of Toronto's finest in the suburbs of Forest Hill and Rosedale. At the age of 80 Sam decided it was time to retire and sold the company to its current owners in 1985.

A family owned and operated venture, Peter, Les and Tony have operated the company ever since. The product line has diversified, the customers span North America and the Caribbean, but the attention and level of service continues to be the mark of excellence that the founder Mr. Collins passed on.

les prosser

Les Prosser

Internet and Inside Sales

Free Trade and the Internet have brought us all closer together in many ways. When not personally greeting customers in the showroom, Les can be found diligently responding to customer inquiries from across Canada, the United States and the Caribbean. His worldwide business experience gives Les an understanding of cultural, technical and legal issues involved in exporting product from Canada.

Les joined Shower Door of Canada in July 2002. He cultivated a knowledge of international business through his work experience in South Africa, Israel and the United States. Les has lived in Toronto for over 25 years and prior to joining Shower Door he has worked in the Home Service, Renovation and Computer Education industries.


Tony Katz

Outside Sales and Marketing

Tony brings to the table a unique blend of ideas and talents acquired in the computer software, telecommunications and construction industries. His primary role is to ensure the company products are well marketed and sold.One can usually find Tony on the road visiting clients and contractors at the job site or in their homes. Tony's expertise includes glass showers, mirror and glass railings.


Peter Katz

Scheduling and Installation Co-ordination

Peter takes charge of the various processes involved in successfully executing the job once the sale has been closed. His tasks include scheduling installers to accurately measure the job and ensure that all calculations and job details are covered off prior to glass ordering. Once product is ready for installation, Peter's job is to schedule installers and ensure that job is completed to customer satisfaction. As master juggler, Peter is well known for his composure under pressure.


Annie Bahanos

Order Processing and Customer Service

Annie's role is to make sure that product gets ordered on a timely basis. In backing up Peter, Annie ensures that jobs get measured, ordered, installed or shipped. Annie has over 15 years experience in the Construction Industry and brings a whole new dimension to Shower Door of Canada in terms of prioritizing customer service.


Risa Katz

Accounts Payable and Collections

Risa's job is to take care of the money. She makes sure that customer deposits are secured, invoices are sent out and collections are received. Her role is critical to ensure that funds are on hand to keep our various vendors, installers and suppliers paid on a timely basis.

The Installation Team

The guys who deliver the goods are the single most critical component of our company. We are proud to say that our installers are the highest paid professionals in the industry. In return, we demand the best quality of service available.

All of our installers measure and install their own jobs, thus taking accountability for their own work.



Project Manager and Senior Glass Technician

As Project Manager, Oliver is responsible for ensuring that Major Projects are run smoothly by coordinating measuring and installation in a timely and professional manner.

Oliver is an integral part of our operation. He has been with Shower Door of Canada for over 5 years. His expertise in design, measurement and installation is unsurpassed in the industry. He serves as a mentor for our younger installers as his skills with railings, mirror and showers are matched only by his pleasant demeanor and excellent rapport with our customers.

Oliver specializes in custom glass railings, shower enclosures, frameless commercial entry systems and mirror.



Senior Glass Technician

Nik gained his experience in the Shower Door and Glass business by learning the business from the bottom up. The superior skills that Nik has attained gives the company tremendous flexibility as it continues to grow. No glass panel is too big, no angle is too tight, no job is too tricky. His talents serve as a great asset for the junior installers who assist and learn from his abilities.

Nik specializes in custom glass shower enclosures, commercial entry systems, glass railings and mirror.



Glass Technician

Stan is a great trouble shooting technician. He gladly takes on challenging repairs - old and new - and is often requested by customers and contractors alike. Whenever a simple solution to a complex problem is needed - we send him in. As an installer he is strong honest, efficient and pays attention to the little details that make the difference between a good and a great job.

Stan specializes in custom shower glass and railing in both residential and commercial environments.



Repair Technician – Apprentice Installer

Calvin was born and raised in Toronto's East York. He started with Shower Door of Canada as a helper, and quickly learned the installation process of various styles and models of showers. He does pickups of glass, assists his coworkers, and does installations and repairs. Calvin's ability to problem solve has proven useful and makes him a valued member of the team.



Northern Exposure

Dave performs most of his work in the Northern reaches of Ontario. He covers the area North of Barrie including Wasaga, Muskoka and the Kawarthas. Dave's expertise with glass and mirror is exceptional and he has worked with Shower Door of Canada for over 15 years.



Driver & Repair Technician

Joel has over 15 years experience in the construction industry. His responsibilities include getting product to the job site safely and on time. His job is also to assist the installer in the installation process as well as to trouble shoot and fix issues with new and out of warranty shower systems.

Glaziers, Installers, Apprentices

Shower Door of Canada recognizes that our ability to grow and provide a high level of service depends on our team of installers. This is why we encourage our Senior installers to train and support the less experienced installers in the tricks of the trade.

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