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The glass used in shower doors and other bath enclosures is always tempered safety glass, but there is a wide range of looks from which to choose. Clear glass can be tinted in green, gray or bronze tones. Or it can be frosted, with or without a textured pattern, though some types of patterned glass are not suitable for frameless installations. We also have a selection of edge finishes for your glass: mitred, flat, rounded, bevelled... When you add in the option to sandblast any design onto the glass, the design possibilities are unlimited.  If you have a combination bath and shower in your home that's used for bathing kids (or pets) as well as showering, a 3-panel sliding door is an attractive and functional choice to consider. Covering the open side of the tub with 3 panels instead of 2 allows for greater access to the inside tub area from the outside. And the well-designed bottom track holds the panels securely, rolls smoothly and also is designed to resist residue build-up for easy cleaning.  


Taking down the plastic curtain and adding a glass enclosure to the bathtub adds an air of elegance to any bathroom. Whether it's a full size set of sliders, hinged panels or a single fixed screen, a touch of glass opens up and brightens the space. Add interesting architectural details such as curves or etching to the glass for greater design impact. Today's frameless bathtub enclosures are smooth and easy to maintain.

We have a huge assortment of glass and plexiglas shields - there's one for virtually any environment, any need. Portable or permanent, with many different styles of stands or mounts. Many can be configured with a pass-thru slot for credit card PIN pads. These protective barriers are a fast and effective solution for creating a safer work environment for your staff and a comfortable space for your customers.  A railing made of glass does not have to be perfectly straight and is certainly never boring. Your design can incorporate curves and plenty of other optional features to make the finished product a truly interesting and unique design element in your home (or business). Glass panels can be installed in so many different ways that the perfect combination for your situation is just waiting to be discovered. Browse through our photos to be inspired.  

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When you need a railing but don't want the view obstructed, we have a great solution: glass railings for both interior and exterior use can be custom fabricated to suit any location. Smooth, flowing curves or straight panels, with wood, stainless steel or aluminum components, offer an instant upgrade. Clear glass panels disappear into the scenery, while obscured panels offer privacy without restricting the passage of light. The expertise of our glaziers and installers in designing, measuring and installing glass is unsurpassed in the industry, and their experience covers the whole gamut from custom bath enclosures to deck railings to commercial entry systems. If you have an architectural vision involving glass, we have the team to execute it.

Exterior and interior stair and balcony railings made of glass often look ultra modern, but not always. When the glass panels are combined with metal posts and chrome accents, they do evoke a clean, contemporary look. On the other hand, when glass is paired with wooden caps in dark tones, the look is more to the sophisticated, and with no caps or rails at all, the railings fade away leaving the spotlight on the surrounding features: the front door, porch and garden, for example, or your interior decor. Glass railings allow more light into the stairwell and make any room seem larger.  A price for your shower glass, even if it's custom, can be determined from your estimated measurements; however, accurate finished width and height information is critical when placing your order. You'll also want to take some measurements around the shower area at the design stage, so you can confirm that there is sufficient room for a glass door or doors to swing outward, and adequate space for towel racks and other bathroom necessities. For personal attention, we invite you to contact us through our website, give us a call at 877.781.9833, or visit our showroom.  

We are specialists in the glass business. It started in the 60's with custom shower doors for Toronto's more exclusive neighbourhoods, and today we offer a diversified product line that takes advantage of our expertise with all things glass.


Showers are a highly practical component of most every home, serving an important need. At the same time, and without compromising on functionality, a shower offers a vast range of decor possibilities. In fact, there are so many ways to approach your bathroom renovation, it can be a bit overwhelming. There are two simple factors that will help you get started in the right direction. First, consider what type of shower & bath configuration will suit the dimensions of your room. Second, pay attention to what styles appeal to you as you browse our website, flip through design magazines, or visit other people's homes; you will probably find that, although you like many different styles, you are drawn to one look in particular.

Whether you are after a small, efficient corner shower or a luxurious custom bath, we have the expertise for designing and installing your enclosure.

To frame or not to frame. Here are the key differences. A standard framed enclosure for your shower or bathtub is the more affordable choice as compared to a custom design (because of the cost savings of volume production, not because of differences in quality). Standard framed enclosures are in stock and can be delivered in 3 to 5 days, while a frameless setup cannot be measured and ordered until the tile or marble has been installed, and then takes a few weeks. Both framed and frameless are made with tempered safety glass, but the frameless enclosure uses a heavier glass. Only frameless doors can be configured to swing both inwards and outwards, whereas framed doors must swing outwards only. From an interior design perspective, frameless enclosures bring a more open feeling to the room, with cleaner lines and less metal. Either one is an excellent choice for your bathroom renovation.  Most do-it-yourselfers will find it reasonably easy to install a standard framed shower or bathtub enclosure. Accurate measurements are critical for installing glass, but if your dimensions are standard, this element of the equation is greatly simplified. You will need to drill and screw into the tile or marble wall, and finish the project with silicone sealant. If you have some experience in this area, your installation should go smoothly. We do recommend professional installation of frameless and custom enclosures. Labour accounts for a relatively small portion of the overall cost of your custom shower doors, and our extremely experienced installers are well worth the price for what they deliver, starting with accurate measurements before the custom product is ordered. For our talented crew, no glass panel is too big, no angle is too tight, no job is too tricky.  

Browse through our sliding doors, shower enclosures, glass railing designs and plexiglas counter shields, and feel free to contact us to answer any questions you may have.

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