Shower Door of Canada: Plexiglas Shields

We have a huge assortment of glass and plexiglas shields - there's one for virtually any environment, any need. Portable or permanent, with many different styles of stands or mounts. Many can be configured with a pass-thru slot for credit card PIN pads. These protective barriers are a fast and effective solution for creating a safer work environment for your staff and a comfortable space for your customers.


Taking down the plastic curtain and adding a glass enclosure to the bathtub adds an air of elegance to any bathroom. Whether it's a full size set of sliders, hinged panels or a single fixed screen, a touch of glass opens up and brightens the space. Add interesting architectural details such as curves or etching to the glass for greater design impact. Today's frameless bathtub enclosures are smooth and easy to maintain.

Decks and Staircases

When you need a railing but don't want the view obstructed, we have a great solution: glass railings for both interior and exterior use can be custom fabricated to suit any location. Smooth, flowing curves or straight panels, with wood, stainless steel or aluminum components, offer an instant upgrade. Clear glass panels disappear into the scenery, while obscured panels offer privacy without restricting the passage of light. The expertise of our glaziers and installers in designing, measuring and installing glass is unsurpassed in the industry, and their experience covers the whole gamut from custom bath enclosures to deck railings to commercial entry systems. If you have an architectural vision involving glass, we have the team to execute it.

Browse through our sliding doors, shower enclosures, glass railing designs and plexiglas counter shields, and feel free to contact us to answer any questions you may have.

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