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5 Different Types of Plexiglass Shields For Every Scenario

Ever since COVID-19 brought to light the possibility of airborne virus transmission through speaking, sneezing, coughing, and even just breathing regularly, the plexiglass shield has become increasingly valuable for both customers and businesses.

These transparent shields provide an impermeable barrier between people while still enabling them to see one another and interact, thereby ensuring continued interpersonal engagement while also ensuring better health protection. They are frequently used to great effect in medical reception areas and in professional offices.

Here are five other different types of plexiglass shields on offer from Shower Door of Canada that are suitable for just about every scenario.

Shields for Retail Stores

Retail stores are the ideal places for airborne viruses to be transmitted. This is because they facilitate large amounts of face-to-face interactions between strangers all day long. By installing a plexiglass shield in front of the store clerk on top of the counter, you can effectively reduce the incidence of transmission between the clerk and customers.

Standing Screens

Standing screens are large screens that are mounted directly on the ground and reach the full height of an average person. These screens are great for protecting people who are standing in queues at places like banks, clinics, or ServiceCanada centres. They are also a practical option when screen mobility is required.

Desk-Mounted Screens

Desk-mounted screens are great for offices. These can play a pivotal role in ensuring that coworkers in open-plan office situations are protected while also providing them with ample visibility. These screens provide a degree of privacy as well by dampening sounds made within cubicles without shutting coworkers off visually.

Hanging Screens

Hanging screens are useful in situations where mounting the screen on a countertop is not feasible or where a mounted screen could interfere with the need for items to be exchanged underneath. These types of screens can be useful in retail stores as well as receptions, ensuring safety while also providing unfettered access for parties on either side to exchange items unencumbered.

Podium Screens

Podium screens can effectively protect speakers at events or preachers in church from any potential contamination from the audience, or vice versa. These transparent screens are mounted on the podium and ensure seamless visibility.

Here at Shower Door of Canada, we can provide an array of expertly crafted and professionally installed plexiglass shield solutions for a variety of applications.

Keep your staff and your customers safe with our solutions by contacting us today or requesting a free quote now!

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