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If you want to stop the spread of germs in your office environment, you may want to invest in plexiglass shields available here at Shower Door of Canada.

See-Through Safety Solutions

While Shower Door of Canada is best known for our glass shower doors and other bathroom accessories, we also offer top-quality plexiglass shields that are perfect for doctors’ offices and a wide range of other applications.

These plexiglass shields, which stand on countertops, are ideal for creating a protected space within reception areas, thus protecting your reception staff and other employees from the spread of disease.

We make use of 10mm (⅜ inch) thick tempered glass with simple standoff mounting to make for straightforward installation. We invite you to browse our online catalogue of plexiglass shield products, and we trust that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Why Plexiglass?

Plexiglass is made from a petrol-based plastic called acrylic, which offers qualities that make plexiglass the ideal material for shields. Not only is plexiglass lightweight and easy to clean, but it is also shatter-resistant and transparent, thus still allowing your staff to interact with clients effectively.

The Rise of Plexiglass Shields

Many businesses are continuing to invest in plexiglass shields to help prevent the spread of viruses. But plexiglass shields have been a staple in doctors’ offices for many years, as patients can easily spread germs to reception staff without a barrier in place. It’s important to clean the shield regularly if you want to limit the buildup of germs.

All the Plexiglass Shield Accessories You Need

In addition to the plexiglass shields themselves, Shower Door of Canada also provides slot-mount standoffs so that the shield can stand vertically on a countertop. These mounts make it easy to install the shield on your own and provide it with a stable base so that it doesn’t wobble or fall over. Even if your plexiglass shield were to fall, the material is shatter-resistant and shouldn’t encounter any damage.

Contact our team today to get all the protection you need!

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