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Bathtubs vs Shower Enclosures

There have been bathtub vs shower enclosure debates as long as there have been smaller bathrooms. Learn about bathtub enclosures, the best & versatile choice!

Bathtubs vs Shower Enclosures  ‒ The Best Bathroom Choice!

As long as there have been smaller bathrooms, there have been debates about whether to install a bathtub or shower enclosure. Luckily for property owners, there is a third choice as well: Bathtub enclosures! So that you can get the best of both worlds.

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of bathtubs versus shower enclosures, which will then inform you whether you need the third option of a bathtub enclosure.

Bathtub Advantages And Disadvantages

Bathtubs have a wonderful variety of finishes, shapes, accessories and sizes that can turn a tub into a striking statement in a bathroom. From simple to classic, vintage to uber-contemporary, as well as customized, one-off pieces, we’re spoilt for choice.

They are the perfect solution for children’s bathtimes, and many a happy family moment is found in the bubbly, splashing ritual. You can bathe with the kids or bathe multiple children at the same time. Just keep pooch from joining in!

Tubs are also great for adulting. Soothe your aching muscles after a tough day at the office, an extra-long ski, or just as a treat for being a successful, sensible adult!

The challenge arises if you have a cramped bathroom or a ’shoe-horned’ bathroom that is divided into strange, small pieces by installing a tub. Tubs are, without a doubt, space-hungry.

In addition, bathtubs are not suitable for people with mobility issues because the risk of slipping is very high. A tub requires you to balance on one leg, place all your force through one foot and swing the other leg up and over the bath ledge. A simple movement for an able-bodied person but deadly for a person with limited mobility or balance limitations.

Shower Enclosure Advantages And Disadvantages

Having a shower is eco-friendly, fast, efficient and, with all the extra water faucet accessories, quite a fun experience. Options include a rain shower, waterfall, steam shower, multi-jet shower, and then some.

A person with mobility restrictions will find a shower very easy to use. You can even add a chair, handles and extra-grip tiles for extra ease of use. Having the independence to bathe yourself is very beneficial psychologically and grants the carer or family member time to do other tasks.

There are also many beautiful style options, from classic to contemporary, industrial to elegant and many varieties in between. You can choose clear or frosted glass doors or panels, walk-in showers with single, fixed panels, and many other combinations.

So what are the shower disadvantages? Your shower enclosure requires more cleaning than a bath because there is more surface area. Children may refuse to shower for many years because they dislike water going into their eyes and noses. You can work around this issue by using a plastic tub on the shower floor if the shower enclosure is big enough, but then there’s added clutter.

Bathtub Enclosures

You can get the best of both worlds by using a bathtub enclosure. The only scenario it will not suit is for mobility-restricted people. It will suit adults and children, have fewer cleaning requirements than a full shower, and serve a family for decades.


Get the best bathtub enclosures from Shower Door of Canada today and enjoy the flexibility they bring!

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