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Your shower enclosure is selected but choosing a showerhead might be proving to be a challenge, so we have put together some insightful tips to help you choose.

Which Shower Head To Choose For Your Shower Enclosure?

You might be in the middle of an inspiring redesign of your bathroom, with tiles and wall cladding selected, a gorgeous shower enclosure, and an elegant chandelier. Choosing a showerhead, however, might be proving problematic, so we have put together some tips from our years in the shower business.


These components are the entry-level, wall-mounted fixtures and are usually not as large as other options (< five inches). For a no-fuss great operator with invigorating water pressure, you won’t find a better choice.

There is another option, one level up, whereby multiple functionalities are offered from pulsing to misting. All in all, a good deal for the price paid.


This option is also a fixed option but is significantly bigger (> 6 inches). This means that the coverage achieved is greater, so there will be fewer cold spots in the enclosure.

Wall or ceiling – this option of head can be wall-mounted or ceiling mounted. The latter, however, gives a better rain sensation. The pipes will be directed through your ceiling space which will require cutting, replastering and repainting the ceiling if it is a retrofit.

Alternatively, an extending shower arm can be used. This won’t place the head in the centre of the enclosure but will give you a lovely rain sensation.


Are you happy with a single type of water disbursement or flow? Or do you prefer more complex shower experiences? This will narrow your search scope.



Smart municipalities globally have dropped water pressure in cities for environmental reasons. An eight-inch head at the end of your shower arm versus a twelve-inch head will still deliver the same flow rate out of the pipe, and the bigger the head, the more the pressure dissipates.

If you like to be blasted in a shower, then a rain shower is not the answer for you.


Handheld showers are so handy (no pun intended) to have in a shower. Nowadays, you can get them integrated with a fixed shower head. This is a really versatile option!

You can have a rain feature on the fixed position and a higher pressure option via the hand shower. Win-win.


In some suburbs, by filtering your water, you can improve your skin and hair condition with softer, chemical-free water. Your shower enclosure will benefit as well, looking cleaner for longer.

It is advisable to put in a new filter twice a year as a minimum.

If you love your existing hardware and don’t want to change it but would like to filter your water, then there is an alternative option. A filter can be installed onto the end of the shower arm, and then the showerhead is connected to it. So the water is filtered already by the time it gets to the showerhead.

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