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The A-Z On Glass Stair Railings For Your Home

As a property owner, you may be considering a glass stair railing or a glass balustrade for a balcony or a swimming pool. Glass is a great option for all these scenarios and adds value immediately to a property as it delivers a very refined design outcome, an elegant style and a durable safety solution. This makes it a very popular material in various areas of the built environment.


A glass stair railing is comprised of flat planes of a material that is inherently hard and reflective. This means that it might not suit all interiors, such as a cozy cottage interior. If you are using a skilled architect, however, they can be very innovative in their incorporation of the material that can transcend most styles, including heritage architecture.

Glass fits a contemporary and modern interior extremely well, especially if the glass stair railing is installed as a frameless design. 


We don’t mean mass, we mean natural sunlight. By using glass, you are allowing natural light to penetrate deeper into your interior, which is a key success factor for the enjoyment of your home and your family’s mental and physical health.

More natural light also reduces your energy bills as you require less electrical lighting.


When the correct glass is used by certified suppliers, glass is a very safe option and has great strength. The glass panes can stop an adult, child, or pet from tumbling off the side of the stairs or a landing.


You can’t beat glass when it comes to maximizing your view! Any other solution will block the view or interrupt the view in some way.


There is no varnishing, sealing, or scrubbing required with glass stair railings, which is great news for busy homeowners. You only need simple domestic-grade cleaning liquids and materials.

The downside is that they do need regular cleaning if you want them to be spotless and shining. If you have many metres of glass winding up the staircase, then that might seem like a daunting cleaning task, so weigh up your attitude towards spotless or ‘not too bad.’ The cleaning process, however, is light and easy.

Green Factor

Glass is non-toxic and its source material is sand. Using glass does not deplete any rare resources of the planet and has no toxic byproducts.

Cost Factor

Wood, metal, and composite materials are cheaper than glass, and that is why a glass stair railing is considered luxurious and adds to the value of your home. You need to weigh up the benefits of glass versus your budget limits as well as the return on investment.

Glass stair railings are a great addition to many interiors. 

Get a quote today and let us help you work out your return on investment.

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