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The Benefits Of Shower Door Of Canada Invisible Shield

Nobody knows more about shower door designs, finishes and options than the experts at Shower Door of Canada. We have been in the business of providing glass products to consumers, contractors, and designers for more than fifty years, giving us a wealth of expertise when it comes to Shower Door. 

We have Invisible Shield high up on our recommended products for high-quality showers due to the incredible benefits offered. Keep reading to learn more about Invisible Shield and why you need it. 

Resists Contaminants And Staining 

The sophisticated technology of Invisible Shield protects and preserves glass. The coating creates a barrier that contaminants, stains and particles cannot get through, keeping your glass shining and transparent as it’s meant to be.

Reduced Cleaning Time

With stain and scratch resistance, glass protected by Invisible Shield is far easier to clean. Because there is less buildup and stains, there is no need to scrub at the glass to get it clean. It comes up flawless and shining in minutes. 

Eliminates The Need For Harsh Chemicals 

When your shower door is protected, it reduces the amount of limescale, hard water minerals, and buildup. With less buildup, there is no need for harsh, damaging cleaning chemicals to get the sparkling clean results you’re looking for.

Improved Glass Appearance

With the protective Invisible Shield applied, no contaminants, corrosion or stains can affect the glass beneath. Your glass is protected from elements that make it appear stained, dirty or otherwise flawed. It will stay clear and shining for years to come. 

100% Performance Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Shower Door of Canada, we have every confidence that Invisible Shield will deliver above and beyond the results our clients are looking for. In our experience, Invisible Shield results in superior performance, appearance and longevity when applied to any glass products, ensuring it looks great and will stand the test of time. Any glass treated with Invisible Shield is backed by a 15-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Glass protected by Shower Door of Canada and Invisible Shield will look great and perform well for years to come. 

If you would like more information or to order Starphire Glass, Invisible Shield, custom Shower Door or any of our other services, browse our website and request a quote

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