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Why Plexiglass is The Best, Most Cost Effective Shower & Health Shield

Plexiglass shields & sheets are more lightweight than glass with greater shatter-resistance. Plexiglass is found in clever, diverse applications. Read more now!

Plexiglass: The Best, Most Cost-Effective Shower & Health Shield

Plexiglas was, surprisingly, invented in 1901 by Otto Rohm. The product was tested, developed and launched into the market in 1933 by Rohm & Haas’s company as Plexiglas. It is also called acrylic glass, Perspex and Lucite.

Benefits And Usage Of Plexiglass Shields

Plexiglass is more lightweight than glass, with greater resistance to shattering. Due to this, the product has huge diversity and has been enthusiastically and successfully used in diverse industries. With the pandemic that has swept across the globe, the usage of Plexiglass shields has soared. You will find Plexiglass used in scenarios like these:

    Shower screens

    Privacy screens

    Health screens

    Retail screens

    Sneeze guards

    Face shields

    Display cabinet screens or doors

    Unwrapped food product protection screens

    Space dividers in:

    movie theatres


    Aircraft cockpits

    Illuminated advertising and drawing lightboxes

    Glass roofing

    Building facade design

    Solar panel screens

    Sanitary installation

    Greenhouse panes

    Aquariums – including massive tanks for public visited aquariums with 150mm thick plexiglass walls

    Submarine window ports

    Light covers on cars

    Spectator protection in ice hockey, baseball, etc.

    Double-glazed aircraft windows

    Riot control vehicles for authorities

    Safety light lenses, e.g. lighthouse

    Surgical materials

    Dentistry materials


Plexiglass Shield Usage In Homes And Offices

Plexiglass is a huge asset in homes and offices. In the home, it creates safe shower screens that have higher resistance to shattering and therefore are safer. It is also more resistant to dirt which is helpful in showers, solar panels, glass roofs and skylights.

In the office, it can be used as frameless or framed screen solutions on desks because it has sufficient inflexibility to function well as a privacy screen without blocking light.

It can also be supplied in branding-appropriate colours and adds an attractive, subtle splash of colour in an otherwise monotonous open plan area.

You will find Plexiglass in receptions, on school or office desks, retail store point of sale desks, floor standing screens for general hospitality areas like hotel lobbies and between restaurant tables, hanging screens, podium screens for religious or conference speakers and health screens for one-on-one scenarios, e.g. nail studios as well as space dividers between seated clients.

Plexiglass screens are ideal for commercial use as they can withstand very strong cleaning solvents. And in the school or office environment, they can double up as a whiteboard if the white colour option is selected.

Get your perfect Plexiglass shield or screen option today from Shower Door Of Canada!



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