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Why Shower Doors Are an Important Feature of Every Good Bathroom?

Can’t decide whether a custom bathroom door is worth it or not? Keep reading to find out how shower doors make a big difference in every bathroom in your house.

Why shower doors are an important feature of every good bathroom

Shower doors have been a common feature in many bathrooms for a number of years. Without them, you’d have less privacy, possible damage to other parts of your bathroom and let’s not forget the obvious – there’d be water everywhere! Each bathroom is unique, and we know that every shower needs a custom shower door solution. No matter if it’s your home, a hotel, or a public bathroom, your shower is an important feature that can make or break your property. Below we’ve highlighted a few reasons why no matter what your needs, Shower Door of Canada has the perfect door for you.

Create A Wheelchair-Friendly Shower

Whether you own a business that cares for the elderly or has a loved one that needs the assistance of a wheelchair, designing your home to make it wheelchair-friendly in every way is crucial. As someone who uses a wheelchair, installing a barrier-free shower door gives you another room that is easily accessible in the house. This increases your independence as you’re able to manoeuvre in and out effortlessly compared to the frustration of finding ways to get over the barrier of a standard shower.

Custom Made To Suit Your Shape

It shouldn’t matter if you have a corner shower, walk-in shower, free-standing shower or even just an oddly-shaped shower; if you use a professional, reputable company to install your shower doors, then creating a custom design to suit your needs is easy. From bi-fold shower doors and single-hinged doors to fixed shower panels and screens, there are a multitude of

designs to choose from so that you get the bathroom design of your dreams.

No More Hot And Cold

On an extremely cold evening, there is nothing worse than trying to keep every inch of your body under the running water at all times so that the icy air doesn’t brush up against you. If you’re someone that enjoys being able to control the amount of steam build-up in your shower, then a steam shower with a transom is the shower solution you’ve been waiting for. A steam shower is sealed from top to bottom, with a transom being a stunning feature that allows you to either let just the right amount of steam out or keep it all in.

The Right Door Increases The Value Of Your Property

When looking to buy a new home, there are always two areas of the house that stand out the most – your kitchen and bathroom. Having both of these areas up to date and looking good can drastically increase the value of your property. One of the main features of a bathroom is the shower. There are so many options available to help you discover your bathroom’s full potential, and ensuring you have the perfect shower door is a great start.

For example, nobody likes a bathroom that appears dark and cramped. So if you have a shower curtain instead of a shower door, it makes the whole room look a lot smaller than if you had frameless shower doors. Not only do these doors make your bathroom look modern and sleek, but it also allows both artificial and natural light to reach each part of the shower, making finding things such as razors and shampoo easier than ever.

Ready to install some new shower doors? For more information about our wide range of shower doors, call us today on 416.781.9833 (Toronto Area) or 877.781.9833 (North American Toll-Free Access) or get a free quote now!

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