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When selling or renovating, homeowners should note that bathrooms & shower enclosures are the second biggest room influencer of property value. Read more here!

The Evolution Of Your Bathroom And Shower Enclosures

Bathrooms have an interesting history, as do other parts of our house, which the erudite Bill Bryson presented to us in his book ‘At Home’. When buying, selling or renovating a home, homeowners need to note that bathrooms and shower enclosures are the second biggest influencer of property value after kitchens.

Bathrooms have long passed the purely utilitarian role in the home. Instead, they are now wet rooms, spa rooms and places of rejuvenation.

The Early Years

In the 19th century, you could find many luxurious bathrooms in the fine homes of the rich. In 1851, a ‘revolutionary’ concept was introduced at the Great Exhibition in the Crystal Palace. The citizens of England were invited to ‘spend a penny’ to gain access to a contemporary, cutting-edge bathroom in George Jennings’ Monkey Closets, located in the Retiring Rooms.

This was a historical first – public toilets – and they were a hit with 827,280 pennies being spent. The penny gave you a clean toilet seat, a towel, a comb, and a shoeshine.

The 20th century

Right up until the 1920s and into the 1930’s bathrooms indoors was the privilege of the rich. Middle and lower classes were subjected to communal facilities and out-houses but, luckily for society, a group of entrepreneurial-minded chaps from Europe began the school of thought that fitting out personal bathrooms should be accessible to all classes.

Through the 1940s, bathrooms remained utilitarian – a washroom for bodies and clothing. It was the economic boom, that occurred after the war, that saw the introduction of hot water piping into bathrooms. Hot water = luxury, and the bathroom’s rise in value had started.

By the 1960s, a mixer tap had been designed, and temperature regulation was more accessible, and by the 1970s, bathroom design was now an expected and valued part of a home design with individual taste and style featuring prominently.

Colorways expanded, suitable design options grew, and the bathroom had ‘relaxation’ added to its purpose.

Contemporary Bathrooms

The biggest change to bathrooms, and home design in general, has been the extreme need to address ecological principles. For example, electronic controls in taps help reduce water usage. Solar heated geysers minimize energy consumption. Tap and shower head nozzles reduce volume output, and shower enclosures are preferred to water-hungry baths.

Bathrooms are now fashionable, trendy, ecologically friendly and deliver wellness-spa capabilities. They include features such as waterfall spouts in showers, steam taps, digital temperature control, heated towel rails and discreet lighting in showerheads and mirrors so you can turn the main room lights off.

Today’s bathrooms are inviting, visually striking, and a haven for you after a tough day at work. So naturally, this has driven up the value in a home and can significantly affect the overall property value.

To get the most eco-friendly and the best shower enclosure design, contact our experienced, talented team today!


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