• Square Shower Bases

    Square premium quality acrylic shower bases create a solid base for framed or frameless showers
  • Neo Angle Shower bases

    Neo Angled bases fit most doors 36" - 42" in back wall dimensions
  • Round Acrylic Shower Bases

    Conventional round bases can be used with sliding and swing door configurations in multiple sizes
  • Arc Belly Round Shower Bases

    Arc belly round bases provide larger showering space while using standard back wall dimensions
  • Rectangular Shower Bases

    Threshold all around allows bases to be used in single, double and even three sided shower enclosures
  • Shaped Shower Bases

    Beautifully shaped Lucite acrylic bases are durable, non-slip with a durable construction.
  • Acrylic Shower Walls

    Premium quality Lucite acrylic walls designed to fit square, neo angle and round bases

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