Invisible Shield Glass Protection

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Protection for Shower Glass

The Invisible Shield PRO 15 Protective Glass Coating is a solvent-extended coating designed for the preservation, enhancement and preventive cleaning of glass.


Resists staining and contaminants

Significantly reduces cleaning time

Improves glass appearance

Prolongs the life of the glass

Eliminates the use of harsh & damaging cleaning products

100% Performance satisfaction guaranteed

Invisible Shield treated glass is backed by a 15 year warranty.

IS PRO15 can be used in entrances, partitions, balustrades, shower enclosures and mirrors. It improves the natural characteristics of the glass without changing its physical appearance or transparency.

Invisible Shield PRO 15 preserves and protects glass against excessive exposure to water, heat and high humidity that results in corrosion, which makes the glass appear dirty and stained.

It makes the glass easier to maintain, improving the clarity and overall appearance of the product.

All glass surfaces have a non-smooth finish which can attract the build-up of particles. The Invisible Shield� Protection System provides a protective nano-scale coating which seamlessly seals the surface to ensure this buildup does not bond to the glass so it retains its optical clarity for a lasting sparkle.

Protected glass results in the reduction of hard water minerals, limescale and build-up for easier cleaning and maintenance and an overall, improved appearance.

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