Hand Railing System

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1-1/2", 1- 9/16", 1- 5/8", and 2" diameter.

Requires End Caps and Connector

Sleeves which are sold separately

Catalog Number: EC620038H00BS

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Price: $10.00
Elbows and Tube Connectors


Elbow 900 radius corner in SS 316 for 1- 1/2", 1- 5/8" and 2" diameter pipe with 1.5 mm Wall thickness

Catalog Number: EB63053815RBS

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Price: $35.00


Tube round 1 1/2" diameter

1.5 MM thick

19 FT length

SS316 IN #4 brushed and polished finish

Dimensions:- 2.000" x 228.000"

Catalog Number: TU6924381915R, TU4937251915R

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Price: $190.00


This CRL Glass Mounted Hand Rail Bracket is available in two architectural finishes for 1-1/2" to 2" (38 or 50.8 mm) diameter Hand Rail tubing.

Brackets are individually packed and come with an outside disc for glass mounting. Requires 3/4" hole in glass.

Catalog Number: GB65971475SBS

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Price: $40.00


Wall bracket 3" X 2" or 3" X 3" fixed type IN SS 316 with 12 MM rod 58 MM plate diameter with SS Screw (with separate saddle)

Catalog Number: WB65003258FBS

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Price: $30.00
Rail To Wall Connector

Rail to Wall Connector

Handrail To Glass Connector

Handrail to Glass Connectors

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