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Anchors, Drill Bits & Setting Blocks

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Especially Suited for Drilling Granite, Marble, and Tile
Designed for Hammer or Rotary Drills Only

CRL Super Tip Granite, Marble, and Tile Drill Bits are especially suited for drilling small holes in stone and tile. Works on porcelain tile as well as ceramic tile, however porcelain tile will shorten the life of the drill.

Catalog Number: SDB

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Price: $12.00


10 Per Pack
Stainless Steel to Resist Corrosion
#8 x 1-1/2" (38 mm) Size
Choose Bulk Bag of 500 or the Convenient Pack of 10
Perfect for U-Channels

These CRL Stainless Steel Installation Screws for a trouble-free installation of shower door extrusions. Order one pack of 10, or an economy bag of 500.

Catalog Number: P815SS

Price: $5.00


Catalog Number: CHS14

Price: $24.95


Catalog Number: CP8

Price: $9.95


Catalog Number: PSB040

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Price: $24.95

Relton Groo - V Drill Bits

Diamond tipped drill bits for marble and tile, moisture resistant plastic screw anchors and setting blocks for levelling fixed glass panels 1/8" - 3/8"

Catalog Number: GRT

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Price: $19.95


Catalog Number: HR12X112

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Price: $59.95

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