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Stainless Soap Dispenser 6.5"

Catalog Number: 2435695

Price: $29.95

Stainless Soap Dispenser 10 Inch

Catalog Number: 246361

Price: $29.95

Wall Mount Triple Dispenser

Elegantly Designed Dispensers and Perfect for the Shower or Vanity
Eliminates Bath and Shower Clutter
Installs in Minutes Without Tools
Easy-to-Fill and Push-Button Convenient

This CRL Wall Mounted Triple Dispenser is a translucent plastic container which holds 10 oz. (300 ml) of your favorite shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap or lotion. A push-button pump pre-measures just the right amount every time. Installation takes just minutes, and requires no tools because each unit comes with silicone and two-way foam mounting tape. Labels to mark the containers and full instructions are included.

Catalog Number: 78364

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Price: $100.00

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