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Transparent 3M Double Sided Tape

Catalog Number: 491014

Price: $159.95

Translucent Adhesive Tape

Catalog Number: SDT51660

Price: $109.95

Translucent Double Sided Tape

Transparent Very Hi-Bond Double-Sided Acrylic Tape is used in adhesive applications involving glass or other clear materials,

Ideal for adhering Clear Polycarbonates, Edge Wipes, and Seals used in frameless shower installations.

Instant Pressure Sensitive Bonding;
Full Strength in 72 Hours

Transparent Water Clear Color Choice

Quarter Inch wide

108 foot length roll

Catalog Number: AT04014

Price: $59.95

Blue Masking Tape

Blue Securing Tape is a blue crepe paper tape with built-in U.V. stability and adhesive transfer resistance for up to seven days. Ideal for holding in moldings on urethane-set windshields, also as a masking tape for tooled silicone joints in frameless shower door installations, or any exterior sealing applications, such as storefronts where the metal needs to be protected.

Catalog Number: BL99112

Price: $19.95

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