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Cover Plate Screws

Cover plate 6mm flat head phillips screws for Heavy Duty (15mm) and Standard (12mm) hinges.

Standard 12mm fits Berlin, Cardiff, Concord, Estate, Geneva, Monaco, Pinnacle, Prima, and Roman hinges

Heavy Duty 15 mm fits Elite, Senior Prima, Senior Cardiff, Regal, Cologne and Vienna Hinges

Catalog Number: P615

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Price: $12.95

Wall Mount Hinge Screws

Replacement screws for wall mount hinges - non-rust

Two sizes in 2" and 3" lengths sheet metal screws #10 thickness

10 per pack or 50 per pack (Chrome & Brass)

Catalog Number: P102 & P103

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Price: $12.95

Hinge Gaskets

Replacement gaskets to fit many popular hinges.

Packages contain 2 thick and 2 thin gaskets in clear plastic which provides the best grip.

Note: This is good for 1 hinge only. If you need for a pair of hinges order 2 packs

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Price: $12.95

Fasco Pivot Block

Pivot block for Fasco hinge

Catalog Number: 10048627-015

Price: $14.95

Manhattan Pivot Block

Top and bottom pivot door block holds framed shower door in position

For Manhattan shower doors by Maax

Must order 10048219 Plastic Lock Pin to use with 10048217

Catalog Number: 10048217

Price: $14.95

Top Black Plastic Pivot- 10048047-015

Top and bottom pivot sold as a pair

Fits Manhattan Magnaplus shower door

Catalog Number: 10048047-015, 10048048-015

Price: $29.95

Plastic Lock Pin for Pivolock

Black plastic lock for Pivolok door model. Must be purchased with part number 10048217.

Sold individually.

In order to install correctly this part, you must have in hand the following parts:

1 x 10048217 - plastic pivot support black

Catalog Number: 10048219

Price: $2.00

Manhattan Pivot Assembly

Pivot assembly for framed shower door by Manhattan - Maax. Diecast.

Catalog Number: 10017437-000-600

Price: $29.95

Hinge Pivot White

White plastic pivot with adjustment screws, allowing for an easy adjustment of your shower door.

Sold individually.

Catalog Number: 10015446

Price: $19.95

Manhattan Magnetic Strip

Magnet for door and closing jamb of Manhattan Maax Pivolock door

Sold in 72" lengths

Width 10mm or 3/8"
Thickness 4mm or 5/32"

Catalog Number: 10048207-015

Price: $24.95

Roller for Corner Entry Slider

Maintenance-free, 3/4 inch white nylon rounded roller with stainless steel ball bearing.

Sold individually.

Catalog Number: 10014341

Price: $10.00

Maxx Sliding Door Wheels

Wheels for 2 or 3 panel sliding tub doors.

Maintenance free, 3/4" inch white flat nylon roller with stainless steel ball bearing.

Use 8/32 screw # 10002837

Sold individually.

Catalog Number: 10048199

Price: $9.95

Sctrew for Manhattan Roller Wheels

Stainless steel screw, 3/8 inch long, gauge #8-32.

Sold by the pair - 2 screws per pack

Fits wheel # 10048199

Catalog Number: 10002837

Price: $5.00

Manhattan Double Wheel Assembly

Fits Maax Contura Sliding Doors for 32, 36 or 40" bases

Catalog Number: 10048023-000-600

Price: $24.95

Maax Illusion Wheel Assembly

Neo Angle roller wheel and assembly for Maax illusion Showers

Catalog Number: 10048036-000-600

Price: $24.95

Roller Set Maax Neo Round

White nylon double roller and grey plastic trolley for door. Includes two rollers (one top and one bottom).

Catalog Number: 10068360-005-600

Price: $29.95

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Price: $1.00

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