• Sweeps,Seals & Thresholds

    Seals to fit glass size 1/4" - 1/2" available for bottom and side of doors
  • Replacement Parts - Screws, Wheels, Gaskets, Pivot Blocks

    Replacement cover plate screws, wall mount screws and hinge gaskets for many popular hinges
  • Hinges

    Hinges come in Standard and Premium quality in a wide variety of colors. NOW AVAILABLE IN MATTE BLACK
  • Pull Knobs

    Pull Knobs come in Standard and Premium quality in a wide variety of colors. NOW AVAILABLE IN MATTE BLACK
  • Pull Handles

    Single and back to back door pulls are designed to fit 1/4" - 1/2" glass doors. NOW AVAILABLE IN MATTE BLACK
  • Glass Mounted Towel Bars

    The towel bars are designed for wall mounting. The towel bars are designed to fit glass 1/4" - 1/2" thick and measure 12" - 3...
  • Grab Bars

    Wall mount grab bars provide safety in shower areas
  • Robe Hooks

    Single and Double sided Robe Hooks provide an elegant and practical addition to the bathroom.
  • Wall Mounted Hardware

    Wall mounted robe hooks, towel bars and assorted hardware
  • Clamps & Clips

    Our solid brass glass clamps are specifically designed to secure glass panels in frameless style shower enclosures. They provide a clean looking...
  • U Channel & Header Systems

    Secure glass panels in a safe and elegant fashion
  • Support Bars

    Support bars secure curtains and glass panels in a bathroom environment.
  • Standoffs and Railing Fittings

    Railing fitting, brackets and standoffs for internal and external applications
  • Shower Rods

    Ideal for Use as a Shower Curtain Rod.
  • Glass Door Locks

    Our glass door locks have indicators to add secrity and privacy. Thumbturn inside changes color of exterior indicator.
  • Splash Guards

    Splash guards help keep the water where it is supposed to be, in the tub.

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